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Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Serving Bowls

Our enamelware bowls are unequaled for any kitchen, our set of four sets enamel serving bowl sets from Pfaltzgraff are exceptional surrogate to individual flavor in your meal. The enamelware bowl sets from Pfaltzgraff are simple to serve with their enamel bowls, but add a touch of style to your kitchen décor.

Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne - 10 3/8 Inch - Salad Serving Bowl
Lot 12 Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Blue Floral Round Vegetable Serving Dish Bowls

Cheap Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne Serving Bowls

This Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne serving bowls set contains 4 bowl(s) and includes a wicker rim trim the bowl set, contains 10 bowl(s) with 4-6 people. This delicious old-school dish is fabricated from fresh vegetables and ground beef, it's top-notch for serving with a few friends or family this summer. The Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne is a top alternative to show off your yorktowne-ness and show off your enjoy of food, this tanaka bowl is clean and in sensational condition. It measures 3-1/2 inches in diameter and renders a sewn-in dishwasher safe symbol, the bowl is large with a large front bowl with large-sized, large-sized children's dishes. The bowl is further well-made and oft with good phosphate finish, there is some stain present but it is very light and only contains tablespoons of chili powder. The bowl is also with a welcome to Pfaltzgraff yorktowne, our serving bowls are great for any event! Our 10 inch wide oval vegetable serving bowl is dandy for serving food or drinks, our bowl is produced with a stay-at-homeaperon that makes it straightforward to get to your food or drink. Our bowl is further heatable so you can get every bit of its beauty while you eat or drink.